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Speaking to my true "SELF"....Love

February 14, 2017


I awoke this morning feeling excited about this day of LOVE, for the significant persons in my life. I felt compelled this morning to publicly acknowledge and celebrate my 💘 for one that is sometimes last but never complains, given little praise but keeps encouraging, and stays in the fight with me though my words sometimes are harsh. I want to say that I love "ME" and tell me....
You are a very compassionate, caring, and concerned individual that love's from the heart and desire to see good in other's. I want to tell you that you are a blessing to me and I thank GOD for the person you are and are for me. Your resilience, optimism, humble and forgiving nature has enriched my life through the peaks and valley but most of all you never left my are my constant ride or die, confidante, and my friend with unwavering support. 
I'm blessed because you allowed me to embody such a beautiful spirit yet I'm only a shell without you....I love you LaToya💛

From:... the shell called body that houses you


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